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Cloud Solutions

Webo is a Certified Amazon Web Services Technology Partner

The pace of online business activities is now significantly faster and more competitive. Companies are required to decide strategically on how their information will be stored, shared and utilised to keep them stay on track. Furthermore, with the rising of Big Data, cost effective, highly secure and expandable storage plus advance data manipulation and computation has been a great need.

Many organisations start adopting Cloud Computing technology as their solution. Amazon Web Services (AWS) as one of the pioneers and leading Cloud providers has proven its reputation in providing numerous secure, flexible and reliable cloud products and services tailored depending on each business strategies.

Webo is a certified Amazon Web Services Technology Partner. Our beneficial partnership enables us to help your organisation to extend and be empowered to the cloud with range of AWS platforms. As an AWS Technology Partner, we can assist you to select and apply suitable platforms to enhance your business performance.


Hosting Solutions

  • Fully redundant hosting
  • High Availability
  • Scalable Infrastructure